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UK Girls Downloads Review

Reviewed: 2004-11-24
Quick site rank and complete review of UK Girls Downloads | Categories: Amateur, Video

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poor rank
Our Rating: 51/100

Quality of Content: 20/25

Purchase Value: 5/20

Leased/Own Content: 10/15

Update Frequency: 3/10

Content Variety: 2/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 2/5

Originality: 5/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

Horny British girls fucked in front of the camera. Downloadable videos and pictures.

My Opinion About UKGirlsDownloads

UkGirlsDownloads.Com is a simple adult site, showcasing the hardcore adventures of one guy, who claims to have the best job there is - getting filmed fucking beautiful British babes. According to his own words : "Lot's of girls write to me asking if they can become porn stars - well, I don't like to disappoint them, so they come to my house or I will visit them at theirs." So basically, we are looking at a personal site of this guy, where he wants to show us what babes he managed to fuck.

I kinda like the scenario, but what I don't like is the design and layout used on this site. It looks more like a free site and not something I would willingly pay for. That would be all good, should the members area contain good content, which is partially true, but ... well, the videos that are inside are in very good quality (DivX), no problems to watch them in full screen mode, but there is not enough of them and I don't think these are the HOTTEST British babes at all :-)

So what can you actually get here as a paying member? This won't take me a long time to write down - 1 Solo video (didn't know solo means just one scene :-), 7 hardcore videos, 5 mature vids, 2 oral vids, 1 lesbian video and 1 pissing clip. So let's sum it up ... 17 movies ... $20 for a month (as if you'd really need the whole month to download them all) ... you gotta be kidding me! Oh there is also the picture section, totalling a whooping 3, yes THREE picture galleries. Hm, well, like I said at the beginning it really didn't look as a product worth paying for at all... and it really wasn't.

Ok, so these are all exclusive videos, you can download all of them and I can see that there are many people out there who would like to watch this kind of "amateur" porn movies, but there simply isn't enough. I really don't see a reason for anyone to actually join this site. It needs a redesign badly, it needs lots more content and the membership price has to be lowered to let's say 5 bucks :-)

Final Verdict

UkGirlsDownloads.Com is a poor video site with just 17 clips available. It lacks any kind of personality, looks really bad and doesn't offer any bonuses that might save it from a POOR rating. I am sorry, but as of now, I really can't recommend this site to anyone. If you really want to see some hot UK babes, go check out BabesUK or OneManBannedTV.

Members Area ScreenShots

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User Comments

2014 Jan 12, 23:10, ghbkbf
m km

2010 May 18, 13:39, uk
the reviewer completely misses the point with this's basically mostly average looking women having sex with an average pointless talk, frills or gloss. if this site lacks something, it is regular updates & a variety of male partners. presentation is not important, only the videos themselves & most of them offer what most people want from a nonsense sex with "real" looking women.

2010 May 06, 01:29, india
heeelllllllllloooooooo hell to dig

2009 Sep 23, 23:58, kent
site is shite dont waste your money all models all set up and paid for by James to goet his rocks off

2007 Nov 14, 04:13, England
Signed up to it. the girls are great, realy amateur at its best but realy big let down with lack of content. updates are like once every month or so. Offering a month membership is useless as once your on, you download everything within an hr or 2 and then no updates for over a month. why pay for more than a month when a new video prob wont be on in time and i wouldnt want to pay for a whole month for just one new update either.
My suggestion is for james to get alot more content, updates at least once a wk or offer something like 2.50 per video so when you do have updates, ppl dont have to pay for the months membership just for one video. They can pay for the individual ones.

2007 Aug 06, 13:25, East England
Have to say this is an excellent site. There are now over 50 videos here. They are all very good quality and mostly about 30 mins long. Downloads are big so make sure you've got decent broadband! About £12 for a month's access is great value too.

I love this site because the girls are real UK amateurs who just adore sex. There is a great variety of girls here from real stunners to next door neighbours; there's fat, thin, old, young, milfs, thirtysomethings, outdoor action, I could go on! Can recommend to anyone who likes British girls in real action.

Top site!

2006 May 22, 01:19, pooja
sexy girls

2005 Dec 31, 16:10, holland
Agree with review ; promises a lot of films , only a dozen available .

2004 Nov 30, 10:05, Admin
James, if you can't take criticism, don't ask for a review. I am sorry, but your site is not good at all. This year, I've seen members areas of over 300 paysites and I assure you that yours was not amongst the good ones.

2004 Nov 29, 15:18, England
If you were to look at the public area of my site you will see what is available that week. I hide nothing.
Your comments lack professionalism

2004 Nov 29, 11:31, Admin
Reply to James : Number of members doesn't mean shit. They join without knowing what's inside. Should they know what is in your members area, they would not join. Why don't you work on your site and make it a better place, instead of posting here and casting fake votes?

2004 Nov 28, 15:49, England
Thank you for the review of my site.
I will not go into the errors you have made in the review. In future, when you review a site, check out your facts before writing.
Why don't you also ask yourself this. How come I have had 300+ sign-ups since the beginning of October 2004?